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Position Lead Coach. Education MA in School Psychology from The Ohio State University. MA in Psychology from SUNY Stony Brook. BA major in Psych and ... CrossFit Newtown Stefanie Neubauer 31.01.2016 09:34:36

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Position Coach. Education Bachelor of Science In Exercise Science from Bloomsburg University. Certifications USAW Level 1 Coach. CrossFit Level 1 CrossFit Newtown Steve M Malinchok 31.01.2016 09:34:36

From Pull-ups to Clean and Jerks to Deadlifts and Wall Balls CrossFitters perform a variety of movements. At times I find it difficult to improve on ... CrossFit Newtown The One Movement 31.01.2016 09:34:36

Strength 3-3-3-1-1-1 Floor Press. Conditioning The 6000 4000 lb Elephant Guys 6000 lbs. Ladies 4000 lbs. You must clean jerk the total weight ... CrossFit Newtown 1RM Floor Press 31.01.2016 09:34:36

Head Coach. Matt has been involved in athletics his whole life. He played soccer at a pretty high youth level eventually being selected for the New Jersey ... CrossFit Newtown Matt Giordano 31.01.2016 09:34:36

We have just finished a 12-week Olympic Lift focused program and will now transition over to a more classic version of CrossFit programming. CrossFit Newtown CFN s Classic CrossFit Cycle 5 Week ... 31.01.2016 09:34:36